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Hello Kitty UK fanclub!!

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FOR SALE [Aug. 7th, 2010|05:30 pm]
Hello Kitty UK fanclub!!
[mood |accomplishedaccomplished]

This is a official sanrio product its a hello kitty keychain and pencil for only $4.00 plus shipping.
I ship worldwide.
And the second is a official hello kitty cell phone charm imported from tokyo japan its from a store called vivitix.
The third is a pack of stickers, an eraser,, and markers only $3.50 plus shipping.
The fourth is a pair of never worn knitted socks only $2.00 a pair plus shipping.
The fifth is a Hello Kitty plushie only $6.00 plus shipping.

If you'd like to see any more Hello Kitty I have soo much more.
Just Check out my journal. And if your interested in purchasing anything please contact me by sending a message. And for payment I only accept paypal. 
Okay thanks :)