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Hello Kitty for Sale & More ~ [Oct. 13th, 2009|11:37 am]
Hello Kitty UK fanclub!!



Hello, to all Hello Kitty lovers and Sanrio Fans~!!

I am having a super huge clear out~ and selling a lot of my Hello Kitty items!
I am a UK seller ~ and I am always willing to ship my items world wide!!
I really need all of this gone ~ !! So please feel free to look at my sales!!

A lot of my items are located on eBay and also my Livejournal~
I am selling an assortment of things, from:

☆ Stickers
☆ Cell Straps / Phone Charms
☆ Stationary
☆ Accessory
☆ Clothing

Lots Lots More!!

Please check out my sales at,
eBay and Livejournal